shake ups

last night, one of my greatest fears happened to us on our way home from francis and marie's wedding. my goodness!!!! ugggghhh

good thing jesse was with us and we were able to fix things quite fast and problem-free but i swear i DO NOT want that to happen ever again. ever!!!


there have been a lot of miscommunication, or rather, lack of it, the past few weeks as both K and I have been so busy. it's very normal for us not to see each other frequently, and i do prefer it that way, but we make it a point to have quality conversations every night. except that past two weeks, me not feeling well, me harassed with a million things to do both in and out of the office, we just sort of forgot we hadn't planned the wedding we were going to attend.

so to make a long story short, i missed the wedding itself and joined the reception instead. food was great and i was lucky to be seated next to a couple and a friend i knew and who were gracious enough to include me in conversations etc. francis and marie are friends of mine, and marie even a colleague at work, and i knew the guests as well, but they weren't friends friends. they were all K's friends, and frankly, they probly know more of me than i would like. oh well.

so that was that. on a really shallow side, i hated that i had to repeat a dress haha yes because im vain like that, but what can i do? i had no time to shop for a new dress and actually, i thought i was going to be out of town this weekend. i shall shop for extra formal dresses next time, the same way i shop for extra dresses, just in case i go on a spontaneous date so i have a nice thing to wear.

speaking of shopping, which i have been doing quite a lot of lately tsk tsk, i found a really nice pair of levi's on the way back to the office coming from a meeting hahaha they were having a sale in the abs cbn building where our meeting was. was not expecting to shop, but it called out to my RM and at first i said no, but then i realized i needed jeans and voila...i found myself in the fitting room with 2 pairs even before him haha

and im quite happy with the pair i bought even if it wasnt my first choice. its different and right now, im itching for a little shake up in my life.

dog years

my past year has been that of a dog's.

it's only been a year at citi but it feels so much longer, i feel so much more experienced, urm, yes i guess i do feel so much older.

in a good way. and it's all a feeling, definitely not a look i'm carrying!

my past 3 years actually have been very eventful years. i've grown and changed the most in the past 3 years and my life has taken a much clearer direction now.

my year in france really jolted me out of that dramatic immature emotional game of a relationship. thank goodness my new stable and secure relationship is with the same guy.

just like my year in france, my year in citi started out so shaky. but now, a year after i so desperately wanted out, i'm given so much power and responsibility that not only am i the youngest bm (again, since the 23 yr old guy resigned last month) but very recently, i've been OIC for two districts.

ok, this blog entry is beginning to sound like an interview to my dream job, but seriously, i'm just amazed at how my life has turned out to this day and all because i never said no.

and i learned the value of honesty and openness and good communication and not second guessing and having faith.

also in three years, how the earth has changed :( ondoy, heat waves in europe, cold spells in europe, rainy manila, tectonic plates moving, tsunamis destroying.

i go to bed every night thanking the Lord for his goodness to me, but also to spare all of us from more calamities. really paranoid now. but life goes on. BAU. BAU.

introspections and yoga

In Yoga, the Rabbit pose brings the most stimulation to the crown of the head, which helps improve any hormonal imbalances.

Makes sense. I've always found the Rabbit so difficult to do and yes, I'm very very hormonally imbalanced.

(no subject)

i just wanted to say -- i need a camera!!! that i can bring around every day.

today after watching black swan and office clothes shopping and pasta tripping last night w poyen, we passed by mercato before bringing her home to makati for an impromptu brunch. never mind that i had a 10am with the hearing impaired. food beckoned.

its been a while since ive gone to a market and it was such a feast for the eyes to see all these stalls and different pastries and new meats and i was silently panicking. where to start where to start? how do i go about this without missing anything? because im OC and systematic like that.

i ended up with a dozen and a half of chicken wings (for the family, not all mine!!!) and a mochi ice cream ball...which, we belatedly realized is good only if its slightly warmed and soft to touch. we ate ours as soon as we got it and were disappointed with how it tasted -- floury and hard to eat (or maybe we just have very sensitive teeth).

so that was a nice weekend. wish i had my camera to capture all the cake i tried though.

how's your 2011 so far?

my last entry was me feeling so blah.

but now, things are so different and i have much hope and optimism and happiness and gratitude and so much energy yet again.

haha no im not bipolar. i was just...assuming too much and really, all it took for me was some prodding from friends to raise my hands and voila. happiness.

ask and you shall receive.

my goodness. i want to cringe at my up - down moods and my up - down posts and really, happiness is my choice.

ahhhh life is great for me now, and lately all my prayers have been fully of thanks and wondering what ive done to deserve all this. everything is falling into place and i can't be happier.

ok, if i can just stop eating and growing my thighs, i would.

so anyway, the past few days have been cultural highs for me. and so happy that this tuesday, my roommate is taking me to a premiere of something i have been begging K to watch with me. then again, i forget that i promised him date night to be that night...hmmmm. will figure that out soon.

so 2011 is turning out to be my best year yet and again, i am overflowing with gratitude. the 2nd half is coming up fast and im trying to squeeze in as much as i can till then. my weekends are fully booked! ack!

im loving it :)

(no subject)

feeling blah today.

the past few days, weeks, have been off and i don't know if it's got something to do with an external force.

that and the really cool weather right now makes me want to stay in bed forever.

last weekend

still thinking about it, still reliving it. ahhhhh


have you seen waking life? i feel like my life belongs there right now.

anticipating 2011 with much positivity

good juju good juju

excuse my entry today. had a great weekend last weekend -- still hungover.

easy like sunday morning

the marathon hasn't been run yet but I already miss my early sunday morning runs with RJ. Every Sunday, we play the same roles--he wakes me up at 5 am, I mumble a reply and go back to sleep as he goes down to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. He climbs back fifteen minutes later, sterner and firmer this time and I shout out my reply a bit louder.

Finally at 530, I get up and eat my peanut butter sandwich half awake.

At 630ish, we leave the village, but not before me buying 2 orange gatorades from the ministop nearby. Once that's bought, I happily go back to sleep with my seat fully reclined and yes, I'm embarrassed to admit, with my legs up the dashboard. Who cares when they can't see the owner of the legs anyway ;p

7 and we start running and all along, I'm whining and complaining and contemplating on going back to sleep and just running my miles in the evening. And all along, my ever patient brother listens and prods and never gets mad.

Then we run our run, saying hi to Zorro, the UP character and sort of saying hi to the other Sunday morning regulars.

Ugh. Time to go. Will finish this sometime. It's a long weekend, one of the many that passed us by this year, and unlike previous years, I've spent all of them here in Manila. K and I are itching to go somewhere tonight and maybe tomorrow as well.